Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, the Amazing Sequel to Rise of the Planet of the Apes

I found this article interesting because it related to the movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes which I really want to see because I haven't yet.

“Dawn,” written by Silver and Jaffa along with Mark Bomback, catches up with Caesar 10 years later, as he presides over a thriving ape civilization in the woods after most humans have succumbed to a Simian Flu pandemic. His community dwells in peace until they’re visited by a ragtag group of human survivors who live in the ruins of San Francisco; their decaying settlement is about to run out of fuel, and they want to know if Caesar would allow them to reboot a hydroelectric power plant located on ape land. Misunderstandings and violent clashes over territory ensue, as Caesar (Serkis again) is torn between hawkish colleagues — especially the scarred laboratory survivor Koba — and his own fond memories of being raised by a benevolent human surrogate father.

Some critics have perceived “Dawn” as a metaphor for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with apes representing Jews who require a safe and secure home after centuries of anti-Semitism, and the humans as suffering a fate akin to what Palestinians endure in the West Bank and Gaza.

Even so, Silver followed in her grandfather’s footsteps, studying screenwriting at the University of Southern California and writing a thesis project that ultimately became the 1992 thriller “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle.” Jaffa, whom Silver had met at a party the first day she moved to Los Angeles, was an uncredited screenwriter on that movie; he previously was an agent who had worked his way up from the mailroom at the William Morris Agency.

Silver and Jaffa married in 1989 and went on to collaborate on a number of screenplays, including the 1997 science fiction film “The Relic.” They were in between projects in the early 2000s when Jaffa locked himself in a hotel room in Ojai for three days, determined to think up another movie idea for the couple to tackle. He brought with him myriad articles about apes who had been raised in captivity.

“I had read about incidents where chimpanzees were brought up in homes like children — and it always ended badly,” Jaffa said. “When they’re cute and cuddly little animals, you dress them up like toddlers and everyone thinks it’s adorable. But when they hit adolescence, chimpanzees become aggressive, and more of what their DNA destines them to be, which is an animal. They would eventually attack their owners or bite a neighbor, and then they’d usually be placed in some kind of facility, sometimes as horrible as a laboratory.”

“Caesar is raised by loving people who are not his people,” Silver said. “Eventually he sees apes being mistreated and he has the epiphany that he’s found his tribe. He is sensitive and brave enough to speak his mind, and he eventually leads his [brethren] to freedom across the Golden Gate Bridge — which you could say is like crossing the Red Sea."

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